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Saving Your Time, Money and Driving Record

Your Trusted Traffic Law Attorney in Blacksburg, Virginia

Why Does My Record Matter?

Each time you sign a ticket and send payment, you are agreeing that you are guilty. While these traffic tickets may seem like minor offenses, too many admissions can affect your life negatively. Don’t let distance, time or anything else push you to admit something you have not done. At Myers Law, you are able to get personal representation to keep your driving record clean.

Employment Reasons

If you drive for work purposes, your employer will look at your driving record. When you have too many traffic violations, you can be passed over for employment or lose your current job. Don’t allow a mistake to affect your employment opportunities. Contact Myers Law today.
police man writing a traffic ticket

Insurance Rates

Your driving record is the biggest factor used to determine your insurance premium. Even the most routine traffic stops, including speeding or forgetting to use your turn signal, can add up quickly, increasing your insurance rates. Myers Law can fight for you to keep your insurance rates down.

How Can Myers Law Help?

When you call Myers Law, you can speak directly with Henry Myers. You do not have to worry about a secretary offering legal advice. Henry Myers acts as our only attorney to give you the personal attention that you deserve. Without having to relay messages to other attorneys, Myers Law is able to work on your case quickly and efficiently.

Out-of-State Tickets

In addition to a personalized environment, Myers Law offers a unique approach to out-of-state traffic tickets. When you ask to be represented by Myers Law, we represent you in every aspect. If you are not able to drive back to Virginia, we handle your matters while communicating by phone.

Never Too Late

At Myers Law, we are always ready to provide you with the best defense. Feel free to reach out to us any day of the week. Even if it is the day before your court date, we are here to protect you. If you are seeking help, Myers Law is the right place to go.