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Saving Your Time, Money and Driving Record

Educated Criminal Law Attorney in Blacksburg, Virginia

Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, it is critical to get an attorney as soon as possible. A dedicated and knowledgeable attorney can identify potential defenses in your case and raise those defenses in court. Don’t take any chances with your freedom. Contact Myers Law today for a free initial consultation for your case.

Here for It All

From beginning to end, Henry Myers is here for you. We provide representation from the initial investigation to post-conviction appeals. Combined with our personalized experience, this representation saves you from having to repeat your experience or find an attorney to take your side.

Straightforward Representation

Woman getting arrested
We understand that the criminal process can be intimidating and confusing. As Virginia’s best criminal law attorney, Myers Law makes it easy to understand every step that is taken. With the possibility of severe conviction consequences, you deserve to understand your case.

Understanding Criminal Law

Criminal law works to provide punishment to those who commit crimes. These crimes can be categorized as felonies, crimes punishable by one year of imprisonment or more, misdemeanors, crimes punishable by less than one year of imprisonment, and violations. Proper representation in criminal law is critical to those accused of a crime.

Possible Penalties

Convicted criminals are given penalties ranging from fines and counseling to probation or prison. Henry Myers works to lessen your penalties. Save your time and money today by contacting Myers Law, where we work hard to save people from high fines and jail time.

Common Crime Categories

At Myers Law, we offer legal representation for a variety of criminal charges including domestic crimes, financial crimes, property crimes and violent crimes. If you have been charged with a crime, call Myers Law today to be properly represented.